Top Free Blogging Platforms

BloggingEver since the inception of the phenomenon of blogging, people all over the world have created hundreds of thousands of blogs on every conceivable genre. Blogging has facilitated the creation of web portals by empowering people who, otherwise, do not have any technical knowledge about setting-up websites. Usually setting up a website is a fairly complicated process but various blogging platforms have made this process a synch. The best thing is that most of the famous blogging platforms are free to boot. Here we will take a look at the ten most famous free blogging platforms.
WordPress is probably the most famous blogging platform in the world today. WordPress is free and allows the user to quickly and easily create blogs from scratch. There are huge customizable options available in the form of themes, widgets and the like. In terms of features, WordPress is the king of the free blogging platforms. is also powered by WordPress. It is laden with advanced features which would satisfy even the advanced users. However, it doesn’t offer as much storage space as WordPress and the frequent advertising can also put off several users.
Blogger is another famous blogging platform which is free to utilize. For those who don’t know, Blogger is owned by the search engine giant Google. It offers several options to customize your blogs. However, it doesn’t offer the same feature-rich experience as WordPress does.
Tumblr is gaining popularity among free blogging platforms. It offers various exciting features such as support for various third party applications and integration with social media. It is basically a micro blogging platform.
LiveJournal doesn’t offer the full-fledged and feature-laden blogging experience like WordPress or Rather its services are rudimentary and are more suited to casual bloggers. Casual bloggers would find it adequate and hassle-free.
Penzu is a really exciting blogging platform for those who are fond of writing. Penzu also introduces the concept of privacy in blogging. You can add privacy to your blog or to individual posts. Social media integration is also present since it is the norm of today.

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